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Marissa Stefson


If you're into fluffy filth, you've come to the right place. 

Marissa Stefson's books are SHORT, sweet, and have a guaranteed HEA, but will never fail to get your heart pumping. 

Marissa is a stay at home mom who makes the most of naptime by writing stories that will make your skin sizzle. Check them out on Amazon today!

The Heart of Life

The Heart of Life is the Story of Lila, Hudson, and Sawyer. A love triangle with a twist!

A night of drunken debauchery with a sexy stranger has unexpected consequences for college senior Lila Gray.

She thinks she'll never again have to lay eyes on Hudson Buckingham after their wild night of passion, but a positive pregnancy test proves that isn't the case.

Once she meets his brother, Sawyer, the heat crackles between them with an intensity they're unable to ignore. 

What happens when they give into temptation, despite Hudson's new role in her life?

Life as she knows it will change forever, but maybe that's exactly what she needs.

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Coming Soon.. Tidal Wave


Welcome to Sweet Briar, Georgia, the posh coastal town where the houses are huge, the smiles are bright, and the secrets are hidden in every dark corner.   The four daughters of Magnolia and Linden Beaumont have captivated half the population with their striking looks and sharp intellect.   But unfortunately for the local boys, they've always had a taste for the forbidden..  


Cordelia Beaumont has no idea what she's in for when she discovers that Dr. Ford Decker, her father's best friend, returns her affections.  With chemistry that transcends their age gap, crackling like fire every time their eyes meet, can they keep their attraction off her father's radar?  Or are they destined to be pulled under a tidal wave of temptation?

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